Why choose us?

We develop applications for regular people. You don't need a tech background to work with us. Tell us your idea in plain English and we'll make it happen!

Friendly and Informal

No corporate bullshit. No sleezy sales people. We'll get you up and running in no time. Not certain how something in your app should work? We'll figure it out together.

We also work with other companies on joint software projects!!

Quality & Ease of Use

We know the right way to make software that works beautifully AND is easy to use. Strict testing procedures are built into our process.

Made in the USA

Headquartered in a small town in Iowa, USA, if you are a fluent English speaker, we won't have to fight through any language barrirors in our communication.



Online School Owner

"I needed TO LLC to help me solve an impossible task. The contractor made it possible. She showed confidence and demonstrated pragmatic thinking to help us achieve our end goal but also went over and beyond to ensure we were set up to be self sufficient moving forwards. Any business that is serious about hiring a great developer then TO LLC will not disappoint. On top of this all, she shows real sincerity and commitment into a project which shows integrity. If anyone needs a reference please reach out to me. You have my word... solid senior developer. Have her look after your development cycle or code... you will never regret it."

Cindy R

Cindy R

Iowa Software Design

"I contracted with Terrestrial Origin LLC to deliver a browser based application that created a user interface to an engineered auto-testing system we developed. This was a piece of a larger project that we did not have the internal knowledge base for and Terrestrial Origin successfully brought that skillset to our project. The work was well done and delivered on time. I recommend Terrestrial Origin and will use them again when the need arises."


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